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7 Ethics

Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons

7 Ethics prides itself in practising traditional principles when providing consultancy to our clients

  1. Partnership – Building strong relationships from start of partnership through to final client satisfaction 
  2. Integrity – Expect from suppliers what customers expect from you - seamless professionalism, respect, trust and confidentiality
  3. Philosophy – Evolution of ideas though constant teamwork interaction leading to practical and sensible solutions
  4. Competency - Ensuring appropriate processes, procedures, technology and management resources are applied to fulfil deliverables
  5. Productivity – Identify and measure all areas where change enhancements compare against envisaged targets
  6. Attainment - Achieving recognition for accomplishment of objective mission
  7. Sustainability –Constantly monitoring and recommending ongoing enhancements as all processes begin interacting with each other



A T C Management

Since 2009, Sadhana of 7 Ethics has been providing us various consultancy services especially in areas that require investigation and evaluation (e.g. identifying opportunities to reduce costs). She manages to successfully capture the issues and then formulate the data in a professional manner for presentation. She has a clear focus on desired goals and has the ability to quickly grasp situations of importance. Sadhana deserves great praise for her performance in any given task while fully respecting client confidentiality.

JP CEO A T C Management


MDBHinton Consulting

I have been working with Sadhana since Summer 2009. She has been helping launch my consulting business and working on Quinyx FlexForce, a SaaS solution for staff communication and scheduling. In this time Sadhana has consistently demonstrated enthusiasm, diligence, and creative thinking. These attributes have been backed up by a solid base of experience in a variety of roles and industries. She would be an asset to any organisation.
MH, CEO MDBHinton Consulting



Having worked directly with Sadhana Bhatt Director of 7 Ethics, since May of 2010, I can state with confidence that she demonstrates an unusual but very useful flair of collating information relating to various functions within a business and putting them into efficient processes. I have found that this has excel rated the growth of my business and can recommend her to any fledgling or existing business’

DS, CEO Connectivetouch



Sadhana Bhatt has been working with SATRO as an Associate since Nov 2012. She is an extremely hard worker, who can grasp complex issues very rapidly. She builds up an excellent rapport with stakeholders rapidly, and interacts well with her colleagues at all levels. She has a first-rate ability to deliver her projects, and is extremely good at communicating progress to all stakeholders. Sadhana is very good at project management – having an excellent grasp of financial oversight, and delivery to deadline. If Sadhana has committed to delivering something then you can be confident that it will be delivered!


Sadhana is very adept at learning new software packages and is not afraid to take on new challenges and experiences with vigour and also is extremely self-sufficient when delivering project work.  I do not hesitate to recommend her.


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